Performance-Based Earned Value

Recommended DFARS Revisions

Recommendations provided below meet the following objectives:

The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) held a hearing on 10/29/13 to kick off a fresh drive to fix the way the Pentagon buys weapons and services, vowing to "look past Band-Aid fixes and parochial interests" and implement meaningful reforms. The subject was “25 Years of Acquisition Reform: Where Do We Go from Here?”

Two speakers provided recommendations which are applicable to EVMS reform. Pertinent topics:  

 1. Repeal or amend regulations that provide no benefit.
2. Repeal or amend regulations that provide no benefit.
Moshe Schwartz, Specialist in Defense Acquisition Policy, Congressional Research Service: 
Repeal or amend regulations that no longer provide a benefit could serve to simplify the acquisition process.
​ Remove unnecessary regulatory burdens on industry that add to the costs of doing business.
​ Adopt an approach of weighing the costs to industry and government against the policy and oversight benefits of the regulations in question.
​ Congress could also choose to amend certain statutes and regulations in such a way as to alleviate the regulatory or financial impact while preserving the fundamental intent of the regulation.
Dov Zakheim, former  Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller)​What to do about Process:
Substantive challenge begins with requirements definition.
Requirements must not only be defined, but upheld in the course of the development and production process.​
Revise Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)
​My recommendations to revise DFARS to improve the effectiveness of EVMS, consistent with the recommendations made at the HASC hearing. 
​ ​Revise DFARS EVMS clauses 252.234-7001 and 252.234.7002 to:
1. Tailor 3 guidelines.
2. Remove compliance with 12 guidelines.

The detailed recommendations are in the letter to Rep. Thornberry, subj: Expanded NDAA Defense Acquisition Reform - Earned Value, dated Nov. 17, 2013.
2013 letter to Rep. Thornberry and other, more recent recommendations may be downloaded from the Acquisition Reform Page .