Letters of Recommendations to DoD and Congress:

McCain letter, 12/20/11, Proposed Amendment to NDAA for 2012 for

EVM Acquisition Reform


DoD IG letter, 3/5/12, Recommendation to Assess Measurement and

Reporting of Quality Assurance during QA Assessment of the F-35 Program


McCain letter, 10/25/11, Cost Controls on the F-35 and Need for Acquisition

Reform of EVM

Thornberry letter, 11/17/13, Expanded NDAA Defense Acquisition Reform - Earned Value

McCaskill letter, 4/2/14, Request for Earned Value Management Acquisition Reform

McCain letter, 1/21/15, Cost Controls on the F-35 and Need for Acquisition
Reform of EVM

McCain letter, 11/5/16, Cost Overruns and Delays on the F-35 Program and Need for Acquisition Reform

Trump letter, 11/13/16, DoD Acquisition Reform - Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule  

New DODI 5000.02:

The technical planning documented in the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) will guide the details in the program’s schedule. Program managers should include the SEP in the RFP as either guidance or a compliance document depending on the maturity of the plan and the acquisition strategy.

​The SEP should address the following: software unique risks; inclusion of software in technical reviews; identification, tracking, and reporting of metrics for software technical performance, process, progress, and quality. 
​Technical risks should be quantified and implications reflected in the program’s Integrated Master Schedule and Integrated Master Plan. 
​The Program Manager will use technical performance measures and metrics to assess program progress. 

"Path to EVM Acquisition Reform," Defense AT&L, May 2011

Link to article, "Path": http://www.dau.mil/pubscats/ATL%20Docs/May-June11/Solomon.pdf

Performance-Based Earned Value